Who is Jasbir Singh?

August 4, 2009

A Proclaimed Offender

A proclaimed offender

A proclaimed offender

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1984 Sikh Riots Conspiracy

August 4, 2009

Eleven Commissions were constituted about the 1984 Anti-Sikh riots. The general public and the people who were affected were asked to file affidavits. No affidavit was given against Shri Jagdish Tytler, by anyone in all the eleven commissions.

A twelfth Commission was constituted named the Justice Nanavati Commission.
Two affidavits were filed.

1. One by S. Surender Singh, who later withdrew it, where he says that Mr. Phulka, the lawyer had fraudulently got his signature, because he does not know any language except Gurmukhi, and that he had not mentioned Jagdish Tytler’s name.

2. The second affidavit by S. Jasbir Singh, where he says that on the 3rd of November, 1984, i.e: three days after the riots, he saw Jagdish Tytler at 11.00 p.m., at the Gate of the T.B. Hospital, Kingsway Camp and had heard him say that “my position has been compromised and lowered in the eyes of the leaders and not enough Sikhs had been killed in my constituency.” He also says that he stayed in the house of S.Sucha Singh and told him everything. (We have affidavit of Jasbir Singh)

3. This is a false affidavit because he never stayed at S. Sucha Singh’s house, because S.Sucha Singh has also submitted an affidavit to the CBI where he says he does not know Jasbir Singh. There is also a press release by S.Sucha Singh where he clearly says that he has never even heard or seen Jasbir Singh. (We have affidavit of S.Sucha Singh and his Press Release.)

4. Delhi was under curfew from the 2nd November onwards. The question of the crowd at the gate of the T.B. Hospital at 11.00 pm (night) on 3rd November, 1984, or Jasbir Singh or Jagdish Tytler’s presence does not arise. (We have Document of the Ministry of Home Affairs as well as an interview of Sucha Singh by Mid Day newspaper.)

5. S. Jasbir Singh has recently got a lot of publicity where he is coming frequently on the TV Channel where he says that he has run away to America because he was threatened and afraid of Jagdish Tytler.. The truth is that S. Jasbir Singh was charged u/s 308, 506/34 of the IPC for attempt to murder and he jumped bail. There is a open warrant of arrest for him, and he has a bogus passport. There is a warrant for his arrest from the Hon. Court of Hon. Rajiv Mehra, Addl. Sessions Judge and has been declared as a “proclaimed offender” on 21/1/2004 on an FIR No, 129/97 at Police Station Indraprasth Estate, New Delhi. (We have copy of the Orders passed by the Court of Hon. Rajiv Mehra, Addl. Sessions Judge)

6. The IBN-CNN Channel comes out with a false interview of S. Surender Singh.

7. S. Surender Singh wrote a letter in Gurmukhi to Shri Raj Deep Sardesai of IBN-CNN News Channel where he warns him that he is deliberately manipulating about Jagdish Tytler’s name and says “I had not seen Jagdish Tytler anywhere” and to stop airing fraudulent interviews in his channel. (We have copy of the letter in Gurmukhi)

8. A notice was given by S.Surender Singh, through his lawyer to Shri Raj Deep Sardesai of the IBN-CNN Channel. (We have copy of the Lawyer’s Notice)

9. S.Surender Singh’s lawyer also wrote to the Director, CBI about Shri Rajiv Sardesai of IBN-CNN Channel, where he said that S. Surender Singh never mentioned Jagdish Tytler’s name. (We have copy of the letter)

10. S. Surender Singh also gave out a press release in which he clarified the fraudulently made and mischievious tampered interview by IBN-CNN.(We have copy of Press Release)

11. S.Surender Singh has given his statement to some reporter in which he has stated the truth in his conversation with the reporter. (We have the Press and Newspaper Clippings. Also the conversation as recorded on video of Shri Surender Singh with the reporter.)

12. There is a Doordarshan Disc where Jagdish Tytler is seen next to Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s dead body. (We have the timings of the recording)

Related Addresses and Phone Numbers


S. Sucha Singh, r/o Kitchen No.1, Outram Lines,           KingswayCamp, Delhi 110009 (Telephone No:        65877370)

Smt. S, Darshan Kaur, w/o Late Ram Singh, (1984 victim), r/o P-67, Raghubir Nagar, Delhi

Smt. S/ Kamlesh Kaur, sister of Smt. Darshan Kaur, r/o P-67, Raghubir Nagar, Delhi.

S. Kuljeet Singh Duggal, Secretary, Gurudwara Pul Bangash, (then Executive Member in 1984) Mob: 98114 80149)

S. Kundan Singh, President, Sri Guru Singh Sabha, (then Vice President in 1984) Mob: 98113 57087)